Tariff «MY SDT»

Why is it profitable to buy this tariff?

1. Ability to export data to MS Excel. 2. The minimum price for an annual subscription. You do not need to search in your mailboxes for our emails with a notice of taking the test and a unique URL link that stores your test results.

How to use the tariff? 1. Create a Personal Account (here, you will need a valid email) and buy the tariff.

2. Verification and validation.

Often, users do not use personal emails to register for different services. Do you do the same too? No problem!

The tariff “My SDT” functionality enables you to use up to 3 different previously specified emails to search for your previous results of the test.

You will receive the following notification if no results are found for the specified emails.

Find a request email in your mailboxes after you added the correct email addresses and confirm them.

You will see a period of the tariff’s validity and the confirmed email addresses in your account.

3. Statistics.

A chart of your average results. You can export data to MS Excel and MS Word, and independently process and study them.


MS Excel Data Export Template.

In addition to the SDTEST, you took one or more VUСA polls. You can always see your VUCA results compared with the overall VUCA poll results.

GO TO ➡️ Tariff «My SDT+» ➡️ Tariff «Poll» ➡️ Tariff «Poll +» ➡️ Tariff «V.U.C.A. poll designer» ➡️ Tariff «Pivot Tables» ➡️ Tariff «Poll Shop» ➡️ Tariff «Sponsor’s Lab»

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