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The test consists of 5 statements and several variants that continue these statements.
Select for each statement in order of importance only the 3 options with which you most agree at the moment.


Please read carefully all variants for continuing of phrases, select three (3) most suitable for you and select them:

1 - indicates that the selected option you prefer most of all:
2 - indicates that the selected option you prefer after the 1st variant:
3 – indicates that the selected option you prefer after the 2nd variant:

Options for continuing approval
  • The commander leading his warriors to the complete victory over its competitors on the market
  • A strategist that observes the corporate policy in order to ensure the harmonious work of the team
  • The flexible leader, integrating and involving the best specialists in the global village for their qualitatively new contribution to the projects
  • The father, giving his protection and support to the staff, who resolves any disputes, as the highest authority
  • A Highly qualified manager uses the latest modern technologies of an HR management and of a business development to achieve results
  • The peace-loving leader is able to create a positive atmosphere in the team, where everyone gives a warm support to achieve stable results
  • Leader makes decisions for the survival of each and every in the uniform "global village"
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