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Mastering Values, Leadership, and
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5.1View the filters value: Continent, Country, Language, Year, Month yesnoyes
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6Customized SaaS development 10 hoursnonoyes
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How to use the tariff?

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2. Buy any number of polls in the tariff:

1) Actions of companies in relation to personnel in the last month (yes / no)

2) Actions of companies in relation to personnel in the last month (fact in %)

3) Fears

4) Biggest problems facing my country

5) What qualities and abilities do good leaders use when building successful teams?

6) Google. Factors that impact team effectiveness

7) The main priorities of job seekers

8) What makes a boss a great leader?

9) What makes people successful at work?

10) Are you ready to receive less pay to work remotely?

11) Does ageism exist?

12) Ageism in career

13) Ageism in life

14) Ageism’s causes

15) Reasons why people give up (by Anna Vital)

16) TRUST (by WVS)

17) Oxford Happiness Survey

18) Psychological Wellbeing (by Carol D. Ryff)

19) Where would be your next most exciting opportunity?

20) What will you do this week to look after your mental health?

21) I live thinking about my past, present or future

22) Meritocracy

23) A.I. and the end of civilization

24) Why do people procrastinate?

25) Gender difference in building self-confidence (IFD Allensbach)

26) culture assessment

27) Patrick Lencioni's "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team"

28) Empathy is...

29) What is essential for IT specialists in choosing a job offer?

30) Why People Resist Change (by Siobhán McHale)

31) How Do You Regulate Your Emotions? (by Nawal Mustafa M.A.)

32) 21 skills that pay you forever (by Jeremiah Teo / 赵汉昇)

33) Real freedom is ...

34) 12 ways to build trust with others (by Justin Wright)

35) Characteristics of a talented employee (by Talent Management Institute)

36) 10 Keys to Motivating Your Team

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